The 3rd MANIAC Challenge will be held at the Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin and is co-located with the 87th IETF/IRTF meeting in Berlin, Germany from July 27 – August 2, 2013.

You like to work on mobile ad hoc networking? You like to code? You like to compete? Join us!

What is the MANIAC Challenge?

The MANIAC Challenge is a competition to better understand cooperation and interoperability in ad hoc networks. Competing teams students/researchers come together to form a wireless ad hoc network, while simultaneously connected to a backbone of access points. The organizers will generate traffic coming from the backbone, destined to somewhere in the network. A hop-by-hop bidding contest decides the path of each data packet towards its destination.

Each team usually consists of two to three people. Teams will be judged based on how much of the traffic they relay gets to its destination. To get their traffic across the network, each team must rely on other teams willingness to forward traffic for them. We have developed software and an API over Android to allow teams to program their nodes, in particular override forwarding decisions made by the routing protocol and participate in the hop-by-hop bidding contest.

This Year’s Topic – Mobile Data Offloading!

The specific focus of the MANIAC Challenge 2013 is on developing and comparatively evaluating strategies to offload infrastructure access points via customer ad hoc forwarding using handhelds (e.g., smartphones, tablets). The incentive for customers is discounted monthly fees, and the incentive for operators is decreased infrastructure costs. The idea is to demonstrate scenarios/strategies that do not degrade user experience while offering significant mobile offloading on the infrastructure.

The winner of the MANIAC Challenge 2013 will be announced at the IRTF Open Meeting.